Welcome to ONLOCK – Active Lifestyle Apparel.

ONLOCK, pronounced as On Lock (on·​lock | ˈȯn-ˈläk), is a term used to be precisely engaged on a specific trick or target, to have total control of something or understand it completely, to express having something perfected or easily obtainable.

The ONLOCK custom font and “O” ONLOCK icon, is our registered logo and brand symbol, containing the “O” for ONLOCK and the radar, which represents a modern, futuristic precedent of accurate target calculation, next-level knowledge and cutting-edge expertise.

ONLOCK is an active lifestyle apparel brand for surfers, skaters, motocross, bmx, snowboarders, wakeboarders, artists, musicians and anyone else who has a passion for extreme fun, style, adventure and self-progression. When you blast an air reverse on that inside closeout, tre-flip a twelve set first try, no-hand backflip at the fmx compound, speed wobble out of the chicane to the checked flag, 540 tail whip transfer, inside berm pass to take the lead, triple black diamond stalefish air, old school mixing and scratching at an after party, jump off waterfalls, motocross wheelies down the beach, enjoy life to the fullest and most of all, simply like to have new apparel with creative designs and high-quality made materials… then you know you are ONLOCK!

ONLOCK was launched years ago on a small scale, as a personal side project to make some custom shirts for a group of close friends. After many years of international traveling and living abroad in various countries, we have experienced many amazing, inspirational adventures. Some of our incredible journeys include surfing world-class waves, skateboarding the best private ramps, bowls and parks on the planet, mx riding/racing, bmx riding/racing, expert road racing school, super bike racing, enduro rides through tropical mountains and jungles, wake boarding on a volcanic lake, wake skating, hiking through volcanos, rock climbing, music mixing, scientific exploration and pure family fun. We have been honored to surf with the 11x “GOAT” and other world champions, skate with the “Birdman” and other top-rated pros, ride mx/enduro with legends, skate, snowboard, surf and bmx with top olympic athletes and wakeboard/wakeskate with the “Godfather” of Wakeboarding.

During numerous excursions to contrasting destinations, we could never find any high-quality made t-shirts, premium graphics or correct sized clothing that we liked. None of the materials, sizes, colors, designs and/or printing were ever consistent and they were still overpriced, but made with overall low-quality.

With ONLOCK you get the best, custom made apparel options, with the highest premium quality materials available. Our high-tech printing technology offers top-of-the-line product production. All of our creative art, designs and graphics are developed in high-definition, resolution-independent, scalable vector format and/or with high-definition pixel-based photographic images and compositions for the best printing output possible. Our size charts allow you to easily select the exact size made for you, so you do not need to guess your size, allowing you to choose the correct product from the first time you order. After you find your favorite fit and style, you can be assured that ONLOCK will always provide that same consistency in all your future orders.

Life is fun and you have to enjoy every day of it. To play hard you have to work hard, too. Working a lifetime career as a digital designer has allowed artistic flexibility and technical focus in the advancement and performance of the work we love, such as; apparel design, web design and development, graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, video editing and more. We have successfully worked with government space administrations, top-rated global extreme sports publications, international software engineering corporations, worldwide-known apparel brands, action sports manufacturers and fortune 500 entrepreneurs.

With our travel history, connections, lifestyle experiences, action sports knowledge and a great passion for creative apparel design, we decided to “relaunch” the ONLOCK brand with our all new website and official ONLOCK online store at: onlockco.com.

Feel free to contact us if you have any positive suggestions or creative feedback that can help us improve our brand, so we can keep growing, progressing, making new designs and staying ONLOCK.

Thank you for supporting ONLOCK – Active Lifestyle Apparel!